Why borosilicate glass?

We exclusively use borosilicate glass in our products. This is no ordinary glass. Its high-quality surface, cleanliness, superior look, and the ability to shape it are the main advantages of borosilicate glass in the manufacture of high-end products.

It is known as sturdy, durable, and resistant. The advantages of borosilicate glass are as follows:

  • thermal resistance – it is highly resistant to temperature differences and does not crack when it comes in contact with hot liquids,
  • lower weight, because the products that are made of this glass can be manufactured with very thin walls,
  • transparency – it looks smooth, clean, and very transparent,
  • several pieces of it can be shaped and welded together – it allows the combining of several different parts into one single product,
  • health-friendly – borosilicate glass is resistant to degradation when exposed to chemicals,
  • it is the most suitable glass for painting and metallisation.


The creation of borosilicate glass dates back to the late 19th century. It was invented by Otto Schott, son of a German glassmaker, in 1893. Mr Schott obtained his PhD in glass chemistry from the Friedrich Schiller University in Germany in the field of glassmaking with new materials. Over the years, the material has gained great international recognition in various industries. It is known under several names, such as: Simax, Pyrex, Endural, Schott, or Remmex.

It is a type of glass created by adding silicon and boron oxide to ordinary glass. It is crystal clear and, in combination with our production technology, has almost no optical defects unlike regular soda–lime glass (small air pockets, small pebbles, undissolved material, and other impurities).

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