In addition to quality, the design and shape of glass products are the main factors that influence purchase decisions. We work with prefabricated tubes of different diameters and thicknesses, which are later blown into the desired shapes and sizes on glass lathes. Thus, the thickness of our products can be smaller than that of regular blown glass, because it can be controlled on the prefabricated tube.

With new technologies and development, we are achieving previously unimaginable product dimensions with more than 600 mm in diameter. This allows us to manufacture larger lights, decorations, chemical reactors, tanks, etc. We are one of the few providers in the region that are able to do this. We use graphite moulds for shaping. Our technology, which we have developed ourselves, enables us to produce a high-quality surface, which is also extremely suitable for metallisation or painting. Our products are made of borosilicate glass, which is extremely temperature-resistant and is thus also used for laboratory purposes.

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