What do we do?

Podjetje ART-GLAS, d. o. o., je sinonim za kakovost, inovativnost in sodoben design v svetu steklarstva. Projektiramo in izdelujemo dekorativne in laboratorijske izdelke iz borosilikatnega stekla.

We are innovators in our field: we combine our knowledge of glassblowing with our expertise in engineering and design. We are constantly developing technologies and upgrading glass processing techniques, which enables us to deliver even the most demanding shapes to our customers. From idea and development to production – we cooperate with our customers throughout the entire production process in order to meet their demands and implement solutions tailored to their wishes.



In addition to quality, the design and shape of glass products are the main factors that influence purchase decisions. We work with prefabricated tubes of different diameters and thicknesses, which are later blown into the desired shapes and sizes on glass lathes...
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Sandblasting of glass

The lighting of rooms often requires the diffusion of the light source. For this purpose, we can sandblast desired parts of products. The technique we use allows us to add various inscriptions and logos to the product according to our customers' wishes...
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Cutting of glass tubes

When processing shapes, we also cut glass. We perform our cutting with a diamond saw or with the help of thermal shock. When cutting with a diamond saw, the main advantages are precise processing and the possibility of cutting at different angles and in different places...
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Glass grinding

After cutting the tubes, we usually grind them to eliminate sharp edges or finish them according to customers' wishes. We drill holes and notches into the glass for the installation of elements...
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Why borosilicate glass?

We exclusively use borosilicate glass in our products. This is no ordinary glass. Its high-quality surface, cleanliness, superior look, and the ability to shape it are the main advantages of borosilicate glass in the manufacture of high-end products...
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We use an engineering approach in development and production.
Why this approach?
- providing advice in the selection of shapes and finishing according to your wishes,
- we provide a warranty on the precise craftsmanship of our lines and the ability to consistently reproduce demanding glass shapes,
- our engineering solutions enable the production of complex shapes and products with a diameter of more than 600 mm,
- we produce your samples in less than 30 days,
- we ensure flexibility in the production of smaller lines.


You tell us what kind of product you would be interested in (lighting, decorative elements, bottles, glasses, candlesticks, test tubes, etc.). If you already have a sketch of the product, please attach it.

Posvet S stranko

We set up a meeting where you can describe your idea to us in more detail. The main advantage of consulting with the client is the presentation of all technical implementation options. We present you with possible shapes, welding options for different pieces, surface finishing options, and all the details that can affect the implementation of your idea. Depending on your wishes and instructions, we explain what the product would look like and also draw a free sketch for you.

Technical drawing with tolerances

After defining the final design of the product (sketch), we will produce a technical drawing (3D model), where all important dimensions and their tolerances are shown. These tolerances are taken into account when inspecting finished products and guarantee a high-quality and accurate implementation. We issue a warranty for the manufacture of products according to the technical drawing with tolerances. This is also the basis for the remanufacture of identical products within tolerances even years after the first batch.

Special engineering solutions

Using only traditional glassblowing techniques and equipment, the manufacture of many products would be impossible. In recent years, our company has developed special glassblowing and modification technologies and techniques that make many demanding products feasible.

Among these are complex shapes, dents, large product diameters (more than 600 mm), high purity, high precision, and repeatability of all listed properties for all products.

Sample/batch production

We can produce samples within 3–4 weeks, which places us at the very top of the industry when it comes to the speed of implementation. After creating the first samples and batch, we will, of course, allow you to make changes until we find the optimal solution for you.

Rešitve ponujamo partnerjem iz različnih industrij:

premium lighting,
decorative elements for the interior,
bottles, jars, and other catering equipment,
laboratory containers for use in chemical processes and the pharmaceutical industry,
liquid measuring devices.

Our products are distinguished by:

the quality and purity of the glass,
the precise implementation of demanding shapes and dimensions,
the control of each individual product,
the consistency of the execution of each batch.

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